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New York, NY / 500 SF / Multifamily Addition

With a recent boom of young families in lower Manhattan, this formerly trader-marketed high-rise luxury building found itself needing more play spaces for children. FORRM responded by transforming an underused bar and storage room into an airy room for imaginative play. Inspired by tree and cloud imagery, they washed the room with a colorful yet tasteful pallet of pinks, greens, and glowing halos of white light.

The open plan of the playroom connects to a renovated snack bar through a new glass partition that allows light to flow through. Playful plywood shelves and a lush green ‘grass’ rug help to define the reading zone. Recycled rubber mats, wooden wall panels, and three overhead ring lights direct users’ attention to the floating treehouse, complete with rope net window and kid-sized kitchen area beneath.

Challenges of this project included creating a fun and educational space while maintaining a tasteful pallet that would match the existing building public spaces, all on a limited budget.

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